Tiny Hearts Education Training

Hi Everyone,
Baby and the Beanstalk are holding a TinyHearts Education training session at the store. We were wondering who would be interested in taking part in learning these life skills with us? It will be on a Saturday afternoon the 13th July. It will be $97 per person. Light refreshments will be provided and you will also receive 20% off the RRP in our store for that day only.

This course is delivered in a non-accredited formation, but teaches you life long skills over a 4 hour session including:
*Infant, child and adult CPR
*recovery position
*infection control
*whooping cough, asthma and croup
*allergies, anaphylaxis and epipen use
*respiratory distress
*water safety
*rashes, gastro, ear infections
*fever, bruising, bites and stings
*fractures and dislocations
*seizures & febrile convulsions
& many more.

As a mother or father it is very important to know about any of these issues and we want to help you learn.***

Who would be interested? And wants to put their name down on the list? Mums, Dads, Pregnant ladies, partners, grandparents are all encouraged to join.

call the store for payment options and bookings
02 42082960

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