The MothersBabies Study now open in Wollongong

Couples in Wollongong – are you planning to try for a baby in the coming months? The MothersBabies Study is now inviting all women residing in the Illawarra region to participate in our groundbreaking study. Researchers at the Microbiome Research Centre, UNSW Sydney are inviting couples to learn about the changes in the human microbiome from pre-pregnancy, through to the baby’s first birthday.

The microbiome is the population of microbes occupying various sites on our bodies, and is already known to have a major impact on human health. If we can determine how to prevent or treat disease from pre-pregnancy and into childhood, then we have the potential to positively change health outcomes for many future generations.

If you’re over 18, trying for a baby but not yet pregnant, planning to have your baby in NSW (Sydney or Wollongong) can commit to participating for 2 years, and want to learn more about how your microbiome can impact on conception, pregnancy, and you baby’s first year of life, get in touch!

All our visits are currently conducted via Telehealth to maintain participant safety during the pandemic, and your microbiome samples are returned to a central Wollongong location that safely aligns with social distancing requirements.

This study complies with Human Research Ethics and was approved by South Eastern Sydney LHD Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 2019/ETH00192.

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