The best swimming aids for babies from 7 months +

Hi Mums,
I’m selling the best swim bands available in Australia. These bands designed by a German swim school teacher with 35 yrs experience. These have transformed many mums’ swimming with their little ones from being an exhausting effort in holding babies up all time, to being able to swim independently!
* Originally designed to provide support for kids with disabilities, the specially engineered foam inside holds the child’s upper body further out of water than any other product.
* Can be worn high up on the arm so that the elbow joint is not covered which allows for greater mobility in the water.
* Can be worn by children as young as 8 months instead of the 15 kg minimum of products like speedo armbands.
If you’re looking for a quality swimming aid product that is durable and can make swimming with kids fun and easy then check out my site: or directly to product’s page:

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