Preparing your Relationship for Parenthood Info Session

Join Vanessa Tarfon, founder of Authentic Awareness, as she divulges the postpartum relationship secrets and how the transition to parenthood impacts your relationship and family life for decades to come!

If you are expecting a baby and in a relationship this is class you NEED to take!

What really happens behind the closed doors of your parent friends?

Come along and find out! Vanessa will address the top concerns of new mothers and fathers and how you can prepare your relationship for a major life change.

Relationship satisfaction impacts your parenting style which impacts your child’s development. So if you’re not happy…no one in your family is!

Knowledge is power and with information on the realities of postpartum relationships and intimacy and some simple practices, you can reduce the impact of the parent transition on your relationship.

What to Bring:

Pen and paper if you wish to take any notes of tips and practices
Open mind and enthusiasm!

Who is this session for:

Expectant parents in a current relationship
Individuals wanting to prepare themselves and their relationship as much as possible for having a baby (it’s not all about baby!)

When: Monday 7 November 7pm online

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