So, my man loves his food. Well, we all do, and it appears my five-month old will be a foodie too, judging by the way he dives for the pumpkin puree. But his dad goes to town on loaves of bread, bowls of pasta, biscuits, pancakes and beer. He will often do the late-night scout of the kitchen to find a sugary snack(s) before bed, and if there is no bread in the house at breakfast and lunch time, he looks hopelessly lost.
We had our second baby in January, and as we enter the sixth month of the year I still have not slept more than a few hours at one time, and nowhere near a full night’s sleep, due unfortunately to the fact that men cannot breastfeed. As I’ve written about previously, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year. Consequently, she and I overhauled our diets to reduce our fructose-intake and cut out a lot of processed foods. I’ve found that in spite of having little sleep, and doing no exercise whatsoever (other than carrying the baby around and trying to prevent my toddler from getting into mischief), I generally feel a lot healthier than I have in years. My man, on the other hand, is frequently exhausted and says he feels sluggish.
Even though he gets lovely long sleeps. Can you tell that I’m jealous!?
My theory is that his woes are diet related.
So, we are starting an experiment! He is jumping on the Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar bandwagon, and I’ll be following along to support him. The program runs for 8 weeks, beginning this coming Monday, and is supposed to help people ‘detox’ from sugar, and get over their addiction and cravings for all things sweet. We will be starting a week behind everyone else on the program because he goes away next week for work. To have lovely long sleeps in a hotel.
We are aiming to post weekly updates on here as we progress through the program, to monitor how he’s physically and mentally feeling, and to give our reviews on the program. Within the next week I’ll be putting up a pre-program-interview post, to glean some information on how he is feeling before we start the program.
I for one, am excited to try the food! I hear there’s lots of cheese. I’m also thrilled that I won’t have to think about menu planning for two months – although I will still be making a lot of vegetable purees.